Pre-Calculus/Foundations 10

  • • New workbook for the 2018 curriculum in BC .

    Table of contents

    ISBN: 978-0-9878444-6-0
  • • This workbook completely complies with the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol (WNCP).

    • Written for use as a primary class resource, not a supplement to other textbooks.

    • Contains 397 pages, with detailed explanations of every mathematical concept introduced. Including over 350 example problems with step-by-step solutions.

    • Hundreds of challenging exercises for all levels of students.

    • All exercises come complete with answers. All word problems come with step by step solutions, including detailed illustrations when necessary.

    • Step by step solutions to exercises are in the workbook. There is no need to purchase a separate solution manual.

    Table of contents

    ISBN: 978-0-9864875-9-0